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Occupational Health and Safety in Portugal

Know the rules

Workers in Portugal have the right to work in conditions which protect all aspects of their safety and health.

Occupational health and safety are fundamental elements to ensure the well-being and protection of workers in Portugal. These areas are regulated by laws that establish responsibilities for both employers and employees, aiming to prevent accidents and promote a safe working environment.

Employer Responsibilities

Employers must provide workers with relevant safety information and adequate training to prevent work-related risks.

Workers’ Obligations

Safety and health at work also depend on workers complying with established rules. This specifically includes adherence to health and safety regulations and following the employer’s instructions.

Reporting Accidents

Employers are responsible for notifying the ACT (Authority for the Work Conditions) of fatal or serious workplace accidents within 24 hours. The ACT portal provides the necessary reporting form.

Compliance with these laws is not only essential to guarantee the physical and mental integrity of workers but also to avoid potential legal disputes.

Reis & Pellicano recommends: given the complexity of the laws and regulations in this field, we advise companies to seek specialized legal assistance to ensure full compliance with legal obligations and minimize the risks of litigation.


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