About us


Because it is a multicultural law firm, where professionals have different complementary skills, which allows them to act internationally taking into account the different cultural aspects of their clients.

Our services are guided by an understanding of the particularities of each client, seeking results with quality, integrity, dedication, rigor and efficiency.



At RP, we are attentive to the needs of our customers and realize that one of the main issues is related to the speed and reliability of the responses presented. We seek to answer our clients' queries transparently, seriously, and with the expected celerity.


We understand that customers often need an opinion quickly, in order to be able to direct their business and that a delayed response can mean huge losses for them.


It is the mission of RP to be able to meet the demands of those who seek us in a thorough way. We have customers from all over the world and, as such, each with its own cultural characteristics and particular situation

Dr. Gilda Pereira - Jurist Consultant

Dr. Gilda Pereira is an accomplished jurist with 15 years of experience, having worked most of her professional life in international companies. She is specialized in Migration and Tax Law.

Dr. Rodolfo Pellicano - Lawyer, Founding Partner

An internationally experienced lawyer, specialized in Corporate, Contractual and Tax Law, with several years of experience working with prestigious corporations.

Dr. Daniel dos Reis - Lawyer, Founding Partner

Skilled in the areas of Property Law, Migration, Tax, Labour and Corporate Law, for corporate and private clients.

Dr. Melaine Hellwig - Lawyer

Lawyer accredited by the Portuguese and Brazilian Bar Associations, with a postgraduate degree in Business Law, studying for a Master's degree in Civil Law at the University of Lisbon Law School. Practice Areas: Civil Law, Real Estate Law, Business Law…

Dr. Claudia Branco - Lawyer

Lawyer accredited by the Portuguese Bar Association and graduated from the Lisbon Law School. Works in the areas of European Law, Civil Law, Citizenship and Immigration Law.

Dr. Patricia Brandão - Lawyer

Lawyer accredited by the Portuguese Bar Association. Graduated from Lisbon Law School. Works in the areas of civil law, real estate law and litigation.