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New Portuguese Housing Law: New Rental Measures in Portugal

As the challenge of housing affordability grows, the Portuguese government has launched new measures within the “Construir Portugal” program to facilitate renting, especially for young people and workers who require labor mobility. These measures will be effective from August 1st.

1. Reformulation of the Porta 65 Jovem Program

The Porta 65 Jovem, a program aimed at supporting young renters, has been significantly modified to become more inclusive. Previously restricted by ceilings based on location and type of property, it now allows young people to first secure financial support and then choose suitable housing. This change increases flexibility and prioritizes candidates with lower incomes, facilitating access to appropriate housing in an increasingly competitive market.

2. Incentives for Labor Mobility

The government has introduced tax benefits for those living more than 100 kilometers from their workplace. This incentive allows tenants to deduct the rent paid at the new residence from the rent received from the original home, thus promoting labor mobility without financial penalty.

3. Extraordinary Rent Support

Changes to the rent support regime aim to reintegrate tenants who have lost their subsidy due to contractual changes. Under the new law, those whose original contracts date back to before March 15, 2023, can requalify to receive support, ensuring that contractual changes do not result in unfair penalties.

These measures aim to adapt housing legislation to the actual needs of citizens, facilitating not only the acquisition of housing but also renting under more favorable conditions. The government intends to ensure that all citizens have access to adequate and affordable housing, regardless of their financial situation or mobility needs.

Explore the possibilities that these new measures can offer for your housing situation, and should you need legal advice, please contact us.

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