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Maternity Leave in Portugal

Here’s what you need to know about

 Motherhood is a special moment in the life of any woman and in Portugal, labor laws are here to support mothers during this significant period.


New mothers are entitled to maternity leave in Portugal at 100% of their pay for 120 consecutive days.

Before the baby’s birth

New mothers are entitled to take a maximum of 30 days of their maternity leave. 

Immediately after birth

They must take at least 42 days of leave (six weeks) after birth.

Maternity leave in Portugal can be extended by 30 days to 150 days at full pay if:

  • The leave after the mandatory 42 days post-birth has been shared between both parents. The additional 30-day period can be taken by both parents.
  • The mother gives birth to twins. Mothers receive an extra 30 days for each additional birth (e.g. 180 days for triplets, 210 for quadruplets).

To secure the benefits of the maternity leave, the mother must have at least 6 months of contributions to Social Security, and these contributions must be up-to-date until the end of the third month immediately preceding the month in which the mother stops working due to the birth of your child.

Additionally, a maternity social benefit is also available to those who are unemployed or have not made sufficient contributions to qualify for maternity leave in Portugal, although this benefit is not paid in full.


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