Dr. Rodolfo Pellicano

Dr. Rodolfo Pellicano
Lawyer, Founding Partner
An internationally experienced lawyer, specialized in Corporate, Contractual and Tax Law, with several years of experience working with prestigious corporations.
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Professional Experience

Dr. Rodolfo is a lawyer with experience working internationally, having several years of experience in the energy sector, namely, oil and gas, in the industrial and business sectors, especially dealing with contractual and tax matters.

For most of his over 20 years of professional experience, Rodolfo Pellicano has occupied managing positions developing a wide range of knowledge both in matters of Law and coordination of departments and teams.

In Portugal, Dr. Rodolfo has already legally counselled several clients in his areas of expertise.

Practice Areas

The existence of constant modifications to the legal regime makes Tax one of the most dynamic areas of Law. We know that navigating through double taxation agreements, implementation of special tax regimes and specific tax benefits, is a constant challenge for individuals and corporations, so RP is prepared to advise all our clients, facilitating adaptation to any legal requirements.

Legal advice in matters of Corporate Law are of paramount importance to guarantee the success of your project.

RP’s Corporate Law team offers legal advice to national and international clients.  Our mission consists in providing legal counselling regarding corporate life in general, starting at the inception of the company and moving forward.

In a globalized world in which the labor relations transcend the geographical frontiers and more companies count on manpower from different countries, with significant cultural differences, legal advice in the area of Labor Law becomes an essential tool in order to regulate such relations.

The RP is prepared to assist our clients in defining, developing and instituting practical strategies, enabling companies, shareholders and administrators to fulfil their duties regarding all regulatory matters, therefore minimizing eventual financial and commercial risks, thus avoiding eventual possibility of loss of reputation for the company and the stakeholders.

In Portugal notary services can be carried out by an attorney. RP attorneys are duly capable of assisting you with:


  • Donations Deeds, real estate acquisitions, Propety sharing resulting from cases such as death or divorce, etc.
  • Certification Copies of Documents, Signatures and Authentication of private documents, Revision of Foreign Court Rulings (ex. Divorce)
  • Endorsement of Weddings performed abroad

The RP team of attorneys’ act in several sectors of the economy, preparing and analyzing contracts for our clients that are fully aligned with Portuguese law and mitigate business risk.

There has never been so many foreign citizens living or waiting to live in Portugal.  Therefore, the demand for regularization services dealing with the situation of foreign migrants in Portugal, has increased steadily over the years.  There are dozens of different cases, each one with its own specificity.

Education And Trainings


Post-Graduation in Management

University of Liverpool

Executive Training Program in BPM

Elo Group

Law Bacherlor’s Degree

Cândidos Mendes Integrated Colleges