Dr. Gilda Pereira

Dr. Gilda Pereira
Jurist Consultant
Dr. Gilda Pereira is an accomplished jurist with 15 years of experience, having worked most of her professional life in international companies. She is specialized in Migration and Tax Law.
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Professional Experience

Dr. Gilda Pereira’s professional path was cemented on the balance of both her juridical mind-set and her ability to think outside of the box, presenting efficient solutions for a wide scope of different obstacles.

Half of her experience was working abroad for international companies with branches in Angola, occupying a leadership role firstly as Head of the Financial Department and, ultimately, as the Company’s Director.

After returning to Portugal, Gilda Pereira became a recognized entrepreneur applying her knowledge of Law and her experience as a leader. As a legal consultant and an exquisite problem-solver, Gilda is as a value-added asset to attend to multiple situations, especially in matters of Tax Law.

Practice Areas

The existence of constant modifications to the legal regime makes Tax one of the most dynamic areas of Law. We know that navigating through double taxation agreements, implementation of special tax regimes and specific tax benefits, is a constant challenge for individuals and corporations, so RP is prepared to advise all our clients, facilitating adaptation to any legal requirements.

There has never been so many foreign citizens living or waiting to live in Portugal.  Therefore, the demand for regularization services dealing with the situation of foreign migrants in Portugal, has increased steadily over the years.  There are dozens of different cases, each one with its own specificity.

Education And Trainings


Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Business Magazine Portugal

International Taxation of Oil & Gas and other Mining Activities

International Tax Academy

Law Degree

Universidade Católica Portuguesa